January 2018

Two years ago we laid out an ambitious, yet essential, 36-month agenda to modernize your retirement plan. Your board and staff have worked vigorously during the past two years to meet these goals that resulted in: an expanded choice of investments; daily valuation of accounts; new InfoExpress features to help you better manage your asset allocation; a renewed look and approach for our communications; and improved outreach with quarterly webinars and in-depth written materials.

We’re committed to building on this momentum and completing our current modernization initiative in 2018.

Where are we going from here?
This coming year will bring even more advances for participants with the addition of our signature Reform Jewish Values Fund, a Roth 403(b) plan for employees to make post-tax contributions, a loan program, a new website, and more.

We’re also developing a new plan administration system for employers that will improve their ability to manage plan participants’ information.

Looking further ahead, I’m reminded of a favorite saying of a coach of mine: ”If you’re resting on your laurels, you’re wearing them in the wrong place.” While we’re making significant strides by fulfilling our agenda, we’ll also continue to review and improve our plan so that it meets the standards in the marketplace and gives you the best possible experience.

Other RPB News
This year we’re regretfully saying goodbye to four valuable RPB Board members whose board terms have ended:

Missy Johnson whose NATA expertise, legal and problem-solving skills, and effusive personality will be deeply missed; Barbara Saidel, whose organizational talents and abilities were an incredible resource; and two lions of the rabbinate, Rabbi Buzzy Beifield and Rabbi Arnie Sher. Buzzy, the only southerner I know who speaks like a northerner, made significant contributions to our communications effort and can never be thanked enough. Rabbi Sher, who has placed hundreds of rabbis (including some of my relatives), had the institutional knowledge to give RPB its guiding perspective.

We’ll miss each outgoing board member and we’re grateful for the time and energy they devoted to the Movement’s retirement plan. Along with those changes we are passing the torch and welcoming to the board: Rabbi Denise Eger; Susan B. Gold; Rabbi Ronald Segal; and Rabbi David Stern. I speak for the rest of the board in saying that they will be great board members in their own right.

Needless to say, the dedication of RPB’s staff to meet the aggressive goals we’ve set has been remarkable. Executive Director, Michael Kimmel is a varsity player par excellence. Chief Financial Officer Alyce Gunn has an ideal skill set for this job and her capacity for managing people and process is truly remarkable. Senior staff members, Robert Perry and Stephanie Berger, show that with good hiring practices all kinds of good things can happen. They are assisted by names that may or may not be familiar to you but who contribute to delivering on our promise to you: Vanessa Stevens, Lois Allwood, Julia Kim, Nabila Hossain, Dan Rosenblum, and Patrick James. And, then there’s Maria Rodriguez, the person who keeps things running smoothly and has been an invaluable resource for RPB.

Lastly, we’re moving! RPB is relocating to the 5th floor of our building this spring. If you’re in New York City, please stop by and visit.

Thank you for your continued support of and participation in YOUR RPB. Hoping all have a successful Twenty Chai (2018).

L’ Shalom,
G. Leonard Teitelbaum
Chair of the Board