The Reform Pension Board provides some of its downloadable forms on this page.  If you do not see the form you are seeking, please contact us at the RPB office.  We are glad to help.

Long Term Disability Plan
2018 Annual LTD Enrollment Form
(Employers must submit an Annual LTD Enrollment Form for each new participant to RPB’s office and make a premium payment to RPB through the Pension Tracking System.)

Salary Information Request Form
Salary Reduction Agreement
PTS Authorized User List

Required Minimum Distribution (RMD)
2018 RMD Deferment Form

Pension Account Beneficiary Designation Form
Life Insurance Beneficiary Designation Form
Addendum (The Addendum must be completed and submitted with the Life Insurance Beneficiary Designation Form above.)

Rollovers to the RPB
Rollover Form – Pension Plans
IRA Rollover Form – Direct Payment from Institution
IRA Rollover Form – Payment by Personal Check

Qualified Domestic Relations Order
Model QDRO