The RPB Retirement Plan (403b)
Two tiers of investment options for all eligible participants.

The RPB Rabbi Trust
A non-qualified deferred compensation plan for 403(b) plan participants whose contributions exceed the maximum IRS 403(b) plan year limits.

RPB Insurance Benefits
Eligible participants receive free term life insurance and can purchase additional life insurance coverage at group rates. Participants can also purchase long term disability insurance at group rates which includes pension continuance insurance at no additional cost.

Best Employer Practices

The following actions, performed by you or your representative, will ensure an efficient collaboration:

  • Facilitate new enrollments to the pension and insurance plans.
  • Make pension plan contributions and insurance premium payments on behalf of your employees.
  • Maintain accurate information in MyRPB, including salaries, contributions and contact information.
  • Familiarize yourself with general information about our 403b and insurance plans.