Our offerings are specifically designed to help congregations and organizations across the Reform Movement provide a secure financial future to staff members.

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Top-quality Investment Options

Our two-tiered approach provides investors of all types with the flexibility they require to build a nest egg that will meet their specific goals and needs. The RPB–with the assistance of its investment consultant, Summit Strategies Group–manages the funds in Tier 1. The index funds in Tier 2 are administered by Vanguard, one of the world’s largest investment management companies.

Legal and Administrative Assistance

We handle all government-mandated legal and administrative duties and fees related to managing participant retirement and insurance programs.

Flexible Payment Schedule

We understand that your organization may require financial flexibility to make retirement contributions. So while retirement contributions are invoiced July 1, which is the beginning of each plan year, MyRPB lets you make payments on a semi-monthly, monthly, quarterly, semi-annual or annual schedule.

MyRPB: A User-Friendly Employer Portal

MyRPB allows your authorized representatives to easily manage RPB’s retirement and Long Term Disability plans. The system enables you to:

  • Directly enter and gain instant access to relevant information
  • Set and change payment schedules
  • Make one-time and on-going payments
  • Manage LTD coverage

Review the MyRPB for Employers User Guide to learn more.